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Bike Fit Service

Liberty Professional Bike Fit

At Liberty Bicycles, our goal is to help riders enjoy the sport. An ill-fitting bicycle can spoil the sport for anyone.  When you buy a bike from us we will set your seat height, fore-and-aft position, and stem position as part of your purchase.

If you would like to improve your riding experience and performance, our fitting experts can fine tune your fit and position with our advanced bicycle fitting services.  Read on for what a bike fit can do for you, then click the link at the bottom of this page for details and prices of different fit types and information about our Fit Experts. 

Comfort and Efficiency
Our professional staff is trained in bike fitting, and has many years of experience in helping people find the right position for optimal comfort and efficiency. We conduct in-depth, one-on-one consultations with novice and experienced cyclists, and combine the resulting analysis of individual physiology, athletic history and goals with scientific and anatomical principles to create a better interface between the rider and the bicycle. Since 1979, Mike Nix and his staff have been watching happier, faster, more confident, comfortable, and efficient cyclists ride out of the shop and off to more cycling success. With Liberty Bicycles Professional Fitting Services, you’ll fall in love with cycling all over again.

Who Can Benefit From A Fitting?
In short, almost everyone. You don’t have to wait for pain or discomfort to strike. Instead, what better way to embark on a new experience – or improve on an already existing love affair with cycling – than to have a professional customize your bicycle for you? If you have experienced saddle discomfort, back pain, sore knees, or hand numbness, you’ll be happy to hear that these and other complaints can be minimized or eliminated.

I Know My Bike Is The Right Size.  How Would I Benefit From A Fitting?
Bike manufacturers design bikes to fit the average person, based on a range of sizes. Are you really average? Is your height the only factor that determines the right sized bike for you? A bike must fit not only in size, but also in accordance with your personal ability, flexibility, alignment, injury history, range of motion, riding style, time you spend in the saddle, and your goals. Wouldn’t you rather have a bike that’s fine-tuned to fit you and your needs than one that’s just based on a compilation of averages?

I'm A Woman.  Will My Fit Be Different?
While our fitting goals are identical (comfort and efficiency), there are differences in male and female anatomy. Modifying the bike and your position on it can make cycling a far more enjoyable experience for any woman. Possible changes include: narrower and shorter bars, shorter crankarms and brake lever reach, smaller wheels, modifications in frame design, and an anatomically correct saddle. Liberty Bicycles is owned by a woman, and Claudia insures that we are prepared to take every step possible to fit women riders of every experience and skill level. We take women riders seriously.

I Want A Fit.  What Now?
Once you’ve determined what type of Bicycle Fitting Services you need, make an appointment with one of our professional bike fitters. When you’re due for your appointment, just roll in with your bike, your cycling shoes, the shorts you normally ride in, and a willingness to discover a new level of cycling comfort. We will take care of the rest.

Basic Bicycle Fit
Complete Bicycle Fit
Other Fit Services
  • Fitting is done on a stationary trainer in our fit studio.
  • Adjust saddle position. This includes height and fore-aft to maximize power and comfort.
  • Set handlebar position to achieve most comfortable and powerful riding position.
  • Set cleat position to maximize power as well as foot comfort.
  • Allow 1 hour to complete this fitting.
  • Includes everything in the Basic Bicycle Fit.
  • Detailed interview, flexibility testing, and physical assessment.
  • Use of advanced tools to help determine optimal position.
  • Aerodynamic position fitting. 
  • Shoe and Cleat Fit - $50
  • Pressure Mapping - $100
  • Fit Transfer - $75

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