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Bike Maintenance Classes

Ever wanted to know how do your own bike maintenance? We offer a range of classes. 

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Handlebar Tape

Open Shop Night

7-9pm every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month and it's free!

Starting on Wednesday April 11th we'll be hosting a free open shop night every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Bring your own bike and join us for an open forum style maintenance class. We'll have a couple mechanics there to teach basic bike maintenance.

Derailleur Adjust


One-night class. $25 due at sign up | Upcoming class: 9/20 | Classes held at Liberty Bicycles from 7PM - 9PM.

This class covers all the basic bike maintenance that any bicycle owner needs to do to keep their bike safe and running well. It will cover parts of the bike, wheel installation, tube installation, lube chain, wash bike, pre-ride checks, and monitoring wear items. If you are new to maintaining your bike and also want to know the best ways to keep your machine out of the repair shop, this is the class for you.

Emergency Repair


One-night class. $40 due at sign up | Upcoming classes: N/A | All classes are held at Liberty Bicycles from 7PM - 9PM.

This class covers the most common emergency repair needs for most bicycles so you don’t get stuck in the woods or on the road. It will cover emergency chain repairs, barrel adjusters, tube changes, tire repair, and the best tools to pack. If you want to prevent getting stranded and know some basics already, this class is for you.

Advanced Maintenance


Two-night class. $100 due at sign-up | Upcoming classes: N/A | All classes are held at Liberty Bicycles from 7PM - 9PM

This class covers the service included in our Bronze Level Service. It is designed to give you the skills necessary to start doing regular service on your own bicycle at home. It will cover brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, common bolt torques, regular cleaning and lubrication, and cassette/chain install. If you would like to learn to be a competent home wrench and have some good bike knowledge already, this class is for you.

Wheel Truing


Individual Maintenance Classes: 60$ per hour of class | 1 person or group of 2 per class

This class is designed by you. If you have a specific skill, technology or repair you would like to learn that is not covered by our scheduled classes, we can work with you to give you some one-on-one time with one of our professionals. Please email Nate to set up an individual maintenance class.

More Information

We take great pride in our professional service and strive to provide the highest levels of technological expertise. We offer maintenance classes as a way to help educate others on how to take care of their own machines just like we would our own. We have a few different options so that anybody, regardless of skill or confidence level, can learn how to do pretty much anything from us.

Call (828) 274-2453 if you are interested in one of the classes above. There is a deposit due at sign-up for the class that is a portion of the total cost (full fee for the basic class). Space is typically limited to 2 - 3 students depending on the class, so register now because spots can fill up fast!

After you sign up, we will send a reminder email the day of to confirm. Class will always start 15 minutes after our posted closing time and you are welcome to come early. Each class will take around 1.5-2 hours. The day of the class you receive 15% of all tools and accessories you may need. Also, be sure to bring your own bike to work on and wear clothes that can get dirty with closed toed shoes.

If you are interested in the Individual Bike Maintenance Class, please email and we will schedule a time, which will be a weeknight when another class is not scheduled and there is a mechanic available.